Certificate 3 in Disability: Things to Know About Individual Support

People with disabilities need assistance with their day-to-day tasks. They need someone who can help them eat, take a bath and change their clothes. If you think you can do these things, then get a certificate 3 in disability. Here’s what you need to know:

Information About This Course

Before you enrol in this program, you need to complete a specific set of units in aged care and home community care. After that, you can now study individual support.

When you attend a disability course, you’ll learn everything about health care, support independence and social inclusion. You’ll have an idea of working with diverse individuals and deal with their issues. What’s more is, you will have the knowledge and confidence to empower the people with incapacity and support their needs.


Once you’ve finished the course and got your certificate, you can work as a personal care assistant, personal caregiver and community house worker. It’s also up to you if you want to work in private houses or organisations.

This career is suitable for you if you like working closely with other people. You don’t mind attending the needs of others and you are caring and patient. Remember that these individuals need special attention, so you want to ensure that you can be patient with them.

This is also perfect for you if you want to give back and feel rewarded. Since you can help these people to have better lives, you can feel satisfied and somehow proud of yourself, which you cannot experience in other professions.

Empower a person with incapacity and give them the help they need. If you are interested and want to get a certificate in disability 3, contact Hope.

All their courses and programs are worth taking. They can teach you everything you need to learn about health care.