Life sometimes can be quite unfair. While you are still young, you will be so engrossed equipping yourself like studying hard, then earning money and saving for the future. Unless you are born with a silver spoon, your life will be so boring as you are always preparing for the future. However, when reaching the […]

Opening a restaurant is not an easy task. The competition is intense in just about every market. Customer preferences and tastes are always changing, which means that a restaurant will need to adapt to the market or lose business. There are a number factors that need to be in line for a restaurant to be profitable. The food, staff and location are the three key […]

Senior dating has become quite common nowadays. If we recall the early times of the 1900’s, anyone who dated once they had reached their forties used to be criticized a lot. However, luckily, it is not the same anymore. Instead, now there are several over 40s online dating site designed specifically for the seniors of the society. […]