As the name indicates, it is the discipline that uses materials in accordance with the laws of physics that help transportation, locomotion and production easier. Mechanical engineering involves the building of machines and maintaining them. This is used in fields like power plants, oil rigs or airplanes. At first a mechanical engineerhas to perform some amount […]

Indeed the world is evolving astronomically technology wise. Gone are the times when once kids get bored, they will read or play board games or some other things just to eliminate boredom and to pass the time. Not today, you can hardly find them trying to let the time pass by experimenting anything but all […]

Industrial Gearbox

Industrial gearbox is widely used in the field of technology. Their small rotation can produce much greater force of rotations, it can boost up the slow rate of evolution. This is the essential part of the machines and transmits mechanical power. Gearbox are of different material like steel, iron or other one. It is used […]