Many people are fond of going to the club or even casinos. With temptations and vices available left and right, it’s no wonder various individuals become intoxicated. However, with staff and people who have taken RSA RCG online, these bars and clubs can become a safer place to be. If you are thinking about enrolling […]

A Misa cool room is perfect for the process of refrigeration. It gives objects with an environment several degrees lower than room temperature. Needless to say, cooling is not the only edge of this appliance. Objects, especially food, that are placed inside this appliance will be less prone to decay or other chemical reactions most […]

As most of the kitchen equipments are purchased to generate efficiency in cooking, maintaining them becomes a high priority. When used on a regular basis, these equipments tend to get dirty and finally ware out even before the guarantee time, if not taken care of properly. Refrigerator maintenance Your refrigerator may not even be a […]

For those of us who highly regard vintage products, then the Vitamix blenders should be perfect choice. These blenders have been around for almost a century now, providing people with all their blending needs without failing. It is almost impossible to find anyone out there who has ever had a vitamix blender and complained about its functionality. […]

It is absolutely essential to own a quality cutlery. If you use a cheaper model, you may not only experience problems along the way but also face another issue regarding replacement of the cutlery a year after. Of course! We all want to buy a set that has a good shape. If it is not […]

Commercial model of dishwashers can clean high quantity of kitchenware within a short period of time using less water and detergent. The size requirement is calculated based on the number of utensils and dishes to be cleaned daily by the food service establishment. Under counter commercial dishwashers are used in small kitchens. They look similar to that […]

How To Choose Your Hospitality Supplies

When you are managing a food business or hotel, or whatever business for that matter, you need to give your best especially that your competitors are just out there waiting for the downfall of their competitors in which you are one of them. Yes, by joining the business world, you have silent enemies and though […]

The Fridge For You

A fridge is a very important thing to have in a kitchen because this is where all the foods will be stored and will be kept from spoiling. When shopping for foods, what you need to do is to shop for at least a one week supply of it and not for a daily serving […]