Even though people have become less fond of photo booths, the photo booth hire industry still continues to operate behind the shadows. It did not take long before photo booths take the limelight again after a series of enormous technology advancement has been made in favor of the photo booth industry. Digital photography as well […]

If you have the task of choosing to hire photo booth or a professional photographer for your event, the photo booth is obviously the right choice. Here are 4 reasons why: Entertains Guests Nobody wants to be in a boring event. Guests would usually roam around for things to do and getting their picture taken at […]

Just like anything that you have paid for, what you want is to make sure that you are maximizing whatever it is that you spend, especially during events you host, as there are a lot of expensive expenses that you need to shoulder as you held a party. Photo booth hire  is something that you […]

Click the picture in different position and dresses is the desire of every one. This is the best way of utilizing free time for most of the people. If we see around, several children, young and elder too keep taking their selfies. No doubt, this is the requirement of some social sites as well. Some […]