How a Car Check Works

A car check is a process of thoroughly inspecting the vehicle to look for faults or damages. Professionals on this field look at the vehicle to see if there are any scratches, dents, motor damage and other types of problems.

When is it needed?

Those who are buying a used vehicle will benefit from a car check. This is especially true if the person doesn’t know much about cars in general. A professional will accompany the client to ensure that all faults and defects are claimed by the original owner. They can also give advice on the correct price range given the model and condition of the vehicle.

Car owners will get these services before their warranty ends. This is done to ensure that any existing damage can be repaired whilst it’s still covered by insurance. The expert can find and expose the faults in the vehicle, no matter how small. This can save the owner a lot of money on repairs.

Individuals who seek financing from lenders to buy second-hand vehicles need to have a certified inspector’s report. It must be turned over to the bank – mandatory for all borrowers. However, finance inspections have strict guidelines and requirements.

What is included in the inspection?

The inspection is highly extensive and covers all aspects of the vehicle. This includes:

Body and Underbody – The vehicle’s cosmetic condition is checked to see if there is any evident damage to the body. The paint’s depth is analysed to see if the car has been in an accident. Windscreens, lenses, the chassis and other exterior surfaces are inspected.
Fuel System – Experts ensure that the hoses, pipes, fittings and joints do not leak.
Brakes – The brakes are tested to ensure they’re operational.
Engine – Professionals check how well the engine operates. They see if there is any leakage in the CO2 head gasket. They also inspect for noise, leaks and smoke.
Interiors – They check the carpets and seats for stains or tears. They also see if the seatbelts, locking system, windows and speakers are operational.
Air Conditioning Unit – A Cooling System Pressure Test is done to make sure the unit is functioning properly.

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