Camera Equipments of a Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer uses specialized camera equipments in order to capture special moments even from a distance. There are many factors to consider and each of which is dependent on the amount or intensity of light, movements, shadowing, and so many more. Most of these DSLR camera equipments can be very pricy but getting the right brand can be used for a long period of time.

1) Aperture- most wedding photographers use lenses with big aperture like f/2.8 so they can capture clear and crisp images even in not so brightly lit areas like churches. In fact, even without the use of a flash, as most people find it bothersome, the images can still come out clear because of the aperture. Additionally, natural light has a more dramatic effect, especially on wedding pictures.

2) Zoom lenses- the wide- angle zoom is used by a wedding photographer in small areas such as hotel room and chapels. By using the wide- angle zoom lens, it can create an illusion of a wider space for a more dramatic appeal. The wide-to-telephoto zoom is another type of lens that wedding photographers cannot live without. This can take group photos and other areas where there are big spaces. This is ideal for outdoor wedding and the romantic environment can also be included in the photo.

3) Image-stabilized telephoto zoom- a wedding photographer should not get too close to the couple during the ceremony. This camera equipment will allow a photographer to take close-up shots even from a distance. In addition, it is wide enough for the other entourage to be included.

4) Fast prime lenses- this is an important back-up in case something goes wrong with the zoom lenses. These are usually smaller in size and very convenient to include in the camera kit.

5) Flashes and other camera accessories- these are studio flashes, moonlight heads, and umbrella. Wedding photographers use this for adding some romantic tone on the pictures by manipulating the amount of light.

6) Hand-held flash meter- this is used to measure the exposure on the different kinds of flashes that a photographer wish to use. It can determine if more or less light is needed in order to capture a perfect photograph.

These camera equipments are very expensive and that is the reason why packages can be very expensive. Wedding photographers invest so much on these equipments that they use so as to capture the moment that you will treasure for the rest of your life.