Buy Neon Signs

Why Buy Neon Signs?

Neon signs are a great way to advertise your business. They’re highly visible, even on the darkest nights. You won’t need to install additional lights to get your signage noticed! It has a high range, as well. This means customers will see it from far away.

Neon Signs

This type of sign isn’t very traditional, especially for regular businesses. Whilst people have been using these lights for a long time, they’ve only gained widespread popularity in recent years. Because of their aesthetic appeal and functionality, more and more owners are choosing this type of sign. They give a unique twist to the traditional signage, making any establishment stand out.


There’s a misconception that these lights will increase your electricity costs significantly. This is false. In fact, they’re one of the most energy-efficient lights you can invest it. It’s made up of one of the most abundant chemicals in the world. Its availability makes it highly affordable.

This type of light is built with no filament. Electrodes take their place to make them more energy efficient. It only uses about 90 watts for an entire 24-hour day usage – a fraction of the costs as compared to regular bulbs!

Long-Term Investment

Consider this type of signage a long-term investment for your business. As long as they’re installed and maintained properly, they can last anywhere from ten to twelve years. Keep in mind that regular light bulbs will only last a maximum of 6-months. Once you have this type of sign installed, you can expect it to perform consistently throughout the years. Get your neon signs for your company from Melbourne Signs!

Customise Your Own Design

You can design this sign variant in almost any way you want. You can even use different colours to create a more interesting aesthetic. The options are limitless, so you can get creative with the design process!

This type of sign is perfect if you want your business to stand out. It’s a unique twist on the traditional signage. It’s a good way to create a positive impression on your clients. Its cost-effectiveness and relatively low upfront costs make it a sound investment.