All about Steam Carpet Cleaning

All about Steam Carpet Cleaning

Sydney steam carpet cleaning is one of the most efficient cleaning technologies applied in the current world. Steam carpet cleaning technically at 100 degrees Celsius kills virtually any germs or bacteria at that temperature. Dust mites are killed as well as the tiny minute particles that are embedded in the carpet fibers thus achieving almost 100% results. Clean carpets are viewed as more pleasing, longer lasting and healthier than the poorly maintained carpets.

New carpet care technologies have been introduced, methods such as encapsulation and other green technologies of cleaning are better, time saving and economical thus a more viable option. However there is a difference between steam carpet cleaning and hot water extraction whereby steam carpet cleaning involves the use of steam alone which may be potentially damaging to carpet fibers. Hot water extraction on the other hand involves spraying hot water on the carpet which s then extracted simultaneously vacuuming any dirt particles that may be embedded in the carpet. Hot water extraction is done professionally. It is recommended by some cleaning companies.


Truck mounted cleaning equipment is preferred to portable equipment because of the ability to contain noise which is an offense under other jurisdictions. On the flipside however truck mounted cleaning equipment is unsuitable for houses which are distant from the road or driveway because much heated air may be lost from the doors left open during the cleaning exercise. Hoses used may also be a tripping hazard to pets, children and users of hallways.

Alkaline solutions are used by steam carpet cleaning parties for carpets made of synthetic fibers while acidic solutions are used for carpets with woolen fibers. Woolen carpets that may be washed or cleaned for that matter can be rinsed using an acid to soften the carpet fibers. Some anti-staining detergents used by carpet owners damage most of the carpets thus making the market more appealing to cleaning companies. Carpet detergents are usually carbonated to achieve better results after cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages of steam carpet cleaning

-thoroughness in application of the hot water(steam carpet cleaning) cleaning method, most preferred method of cleaning carpets by most professionals

-hot water extraction or hot water steaming removes all the dirt, soil particles and additionally kills all insects that may be inside the carpet fibers. Most methods do not get all the mould and bacteria out completely or as much as the carpet steaming method does.

-Large space requirement in front of yard to accommodate trucks that carries the equipment for steam carpet cleaning

-Problem of what to do with the waste water that is gotten after carpet cleaning by cleaning parties

-Problem of keeping the carpets dry because if not dried completely the carpets could harber mould and bacteria

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