All About Granny Flats Kit Homes

All About Granny Flats Kit Homes

We already know what granny flats are. A granny flat is a small flat that is supposedly attached to the main house however, there are homeowners that also incorporated a separate granny flat though it is still just in the same lot with their main house. Like if their land is big then why not. The appropriate specification of a granny flat is just a small one that you don’t even need a permit to build it. But if you are building beyond the appropriate specifications, then you have to consult with the authorities in your city if that is still allowed without the permit. Granny flats are supposed to be for the elders like the grannies in particular thus the term “granny” though that is really not the case most of the time. There are granny flat owners who don’t used them as their elders’ dwelling but used them for other reasons like they rent them out or they use them for their teens and so on.

Granny Flats

With the mind of the humans always looking for a better option, there are now pre-fabricated granny flats. Yes, you get to buy the already built granny flat and that is what they called granny flats kit homes. There are already many companies that provide these and because they are already built when you order them, it also means that the granny flat is portable or movable. Just imagine having a granny flat where you can easily move it wherever you want as long as permitted or should I say, as long as it is your property.

Though it is just pre-fabricated, you can still incorporate your own design. However, if you think their designs are better, then you can also choose one from theirs as well. The bottom line here is, it is your preferences that will still be followed even if it is an already made house.

If you will check the granny designs some companies made, you will see that they are really amazing like if you are a newlywed couple without a daughter or a son, then it should be good enough for you. It will be in fact a cozy home for two people. You can then save your money for the time being or for the time when your family will start to expand. You can even just choose their design and then add some of your own personal touches though of course, the price might not be the same anymore. You just have to talk it out with the provider.

The good thing when you will have a prefab granny flat is, if you are just renting the house you are living in right now, you can also bring the granny flat when your contract will end. Or if that is your home already, then you can use the granny flat for so many functions like rent it out, a place for your teenager, a place to work at home and so on.

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