All about Commercial Product Photography

All about Commercial Product Photography

The scope of commercial product photography is wide range. It is primarily used as a marketing campaign but it encompasses many fields- from food to fashion to transportation. It is a very lucrative business because corporate leaflets and other marketing materials have pictures to entice the public on the product that is marketed.

Food photographs

In order to market a certain restaurant, food pictures must be taken and this is one area of commercial product photography. The shots of the food are always done on a close range that the viewers can almost feel the texture of the food that is photographed. In some instances, a replica made out of gum paste is patterned after the food so the colors come out brighter and crispier. For food commercial product photography, the intention is to make the viewers salivate and try out the food.

Business promotion

Commercial photography is a good way to promote one’s business. Those who are in the commercial product photography field prefer to have the pictures taken in a studio or in a place where there are less people. This is because the most used method in promoting one’s business is through architectural photography where the office building is promoted as a place where the good things happen. This is different from industrial photography where pictures are taken from the office site.

Fashion photography

This is by far, the most popular aspect in commercial product photography. The photographs are advertised in prints, bill boards, and videos. There are many styles used in fashion photography which includes catalogue photographs which presents the clothes in detailed manners. The other type is editorial shots which presents the clothes in varied ways other than in magazine-style showcase.

Selling a product

Individual products can be shot in many angles, which includes close-up to bring out the details of the product that is being sold. In commercial product photography, the intention is to make the viewers see the product at close range. If shoes are marketed, the idea is to make the viewers see the texture of the shoe leather, the kind of soles it have, to the point that the viewer can almost feel how it is like to wear the shoes.

Commercial product photography Sydney is a good way to advertise your business because the details of the products are enhanced. It touches on the senses of the viewers on a virtual way.

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