Air Conditioning Service: Questions to Ask

Whether you need to purchase a new air conditioner, or you want to have your current one serviced, you need to find dependable service providers. During inquiries, you can ask some questions that can shed light on the quality of their products and air conditioning services. Here are some of them:

  • What types of air cooler can you offer?

With different types of conditioners, you will need to find the right type to satisfy your needs. Small spaces would require window-types, whilst a bigger one would need split system units. If you are going for a centralised system, ducted ones will be your best bet. Make sure your prospective service provider sells and installs the kind of unit you need.

  • What brands do you carry?

Manufacturers incorporate various features to make their products stand out amongst the competition. There features that some manufacturers do better than others. If you prefer certain functions, you might want to get a system from a specific brand that excels in that area.

  • What are the terms of the warranty?

Most companies offer manufacturer’s warranties along with general service ones. This means that you can have your unit replaced if it malfunctions without external interference. You can also avail the repair and maintenance services from your contractor. Just take note of the terms of the warranty to know whether your concerns qualify.

  • How reliable are your services?

The quality of their service can influence the efficiency of your unit. The installation, position and wiring of your system are factors that can affect the function and even the lifespan of your air cooler. A reliable service is performed by a trained, licensed and experienced electrician. This is why you should enquire about their licensing, years of experience and other similar information.

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