4 Problems Found During Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance prevents the unit from getting broken way before it reaches its working lifespan of about twenty years. When done yearly, it effectively improves the AC’s cooling system and in turn betters the quality of air in the room.

Here are five problems found during AC unit repairs:

  • Decaying Matter

Whilst you’re enjoying the cool feeling your AC unit brings into the room, knowing that a dead lizard is laying down inside the motors probably won’t cross your mind. But in fact, a number of AC users have shared that they experienced having dead lizards inside their units. So, it’s better to have your unit disassembled and checked because who knows what lurks inside your AC system.

  • Dripping Water

Refrigerants, which absorbs heat from the environment, are contained inside copper coils. Sometimes it leaks and flows into the hardware of the AC unit. Or the drain pipe that’s connected is clogged, which indicates that the water can’t properly flow out of the unit. When this happens it’s better to call professional repair specialists to flush out water and clean the insides of the pipes via a compression device.

  • Weird Sounds

When running smoothly, the AC unit doesn’t produce any sounds that you can hear whilst you’re sleeping. But if it happens that you hear a gurgling or motor-like sounds coming from the aircon, it’s a warning sign that it must go through a much-needed check-up at the maintenance centre. Noise means that something is obstructing the movement of the fan motors.

  • Overheating Coils

When the exterior condenser coil is exposed to dirt, a hot breeze that’s circulated from the room and into the unit won’t be expelled as much. This results in a stuffy, warmer temperature inside your room. You need professionals to replace defective coils that fail to cool the air in your room.

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