Advantages of Screen Printing

Advantages of Screen Printing

We have always been fond of printing our t-shirts with our own design or whatever it is that we want out t-shirts to possess. Sometimes, we also do it in banners and other types of clothing. We usually do this thing through the use of screen printing. Although there is now a digital way in doing this, screen printing is still widely used nowadays because of the visible difference that both manners of printing have. And there are still some advantages in using screen printing service in Perth than use the digital way.

Here are some advantages of screen printing over digital printing.

1. There is a big difference in cost especially when you want to print a lot of shirts.

It is costly to print in large volumes when the technique used in printing is the digital one. Screen printing will surely be used in this situation because it is a lot less costly than digital printing. Consider the many colours and design you one to print in a t-shirt or any cloth. When you print this using the digital technique, it will surely be really costly. So we can therefore say that the many the shirts are to be printed, the better screen printing technique should be used. But if you are just printing one or two shirts, then you can surely have it digitally printed if you have enough money to do so.


2. The quality of screen printing is better than that of the digital one.

The only edge that digital printing has is the fact that they print better when the design to be printed is a photograph or a picture. But in terms of text, especially the small texts, you better use the screen printing because this is the strongest point of screen printing. Screen printing shows a clearer and a lot of more readable texts than that of the digital one. So if you have more contents than graphics that are to be printed in a cloth, better use the screen printing technique than the digital one to avoid having text prints that are not readable.

3. You have to be practical.

Screen printing can be used in printing bottles and other shapes of blank canvass that is to be printed with a design; however, digital printing can only print on flat surfaces that can fit in its gantry. If you material will not be fit in there, then you will not be able to get the result that you want because it is just impossible. In the world of screen printing, printing anywhere and in any shape is always possible. This is what you should remember so that you will not be wasting any time and effort in going to a digital printer.

4. Screen printing is more durable.

Because screen printing is manually done, you can expect that the print on the t-shirt or cloth or anything will last longer than if it is printed digitally. This is because screen printed ensures that everything is coated.

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