A Land Worthy of Notice

A Land Worthy of Notice

Getting its freedom from the British empire in the early 19th century, the land of Australia has surely come a long way since. Boasting of a rank among the top five countries with the highest per capita income, this country stands proud and tall. Per capita income, you know right, in the economics we did study, it’s the average of the incomes of all the people living in a country. Which in one word means it’s rich. It also gains the reputation of being one among the major four trading sessions in the Forex industry. Buying shares in are of real benefit, seeing its current stand in the international market. The Australian dollar has a high value ranking fifth among all the top currencies in the world of foreign exchange.

Very few, well in comparison to it, I can say none of the countries of the Commonwealth Association (association of countries which were under British rule) has achieved what Australia did. Many countries were left staggered after the British colonial rule ended. They were and still are now finding their stand in the global market, whereas Australia is now on par with the top contenders. Its economy has definitely seen a boom, what with buying shares in Australia, and utilizing its natural resources and beautiful landscape.

One can notice how the country exploits its scenic beauty. Being an island, there are beaches which give one the ultimate relief from the harsh winters. A slew of travelers and tourists gather here to enjoy the cool beaches. Another factor adding to the popularity is the pattern of the seasons. The seasons in Australia go in the exact opposite direction to that of the world. So, the value of the land, property and almost every possible business increases and therefore buying shares in Australia, becomes a tad too common for people who just discovered this foreign haven.

Needless to say tourism holds a major part in the economic growth. With water, comes water sports, which are a huge attraction and marine life, which makes fishing the primary occupation. Apart from solely relying on tourism for its growth, the land is naturally blessed with coal and a fertile land. The coal makes up for the export business and the land provides an occupation for the public. Forests in Australia are also known  to export wood to other countries. This country also has the advantage of dealing with trade with the Western as well as the Eastern counterparts of the globe. The Eastern giant China depends on Australia for most of its trade as well as Japan, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, South Korea, the Gulf and Singapore. That makes it the gateway between the East and West.

While Australia has been given more than its share by nature, it doesn’t mean that the economy ultimately depends on it. This country has its share of technical giants, which also play a pivotal role. All in all, this country serves as the best example for all the developing countries to aim higher and better.

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