4 Mistakes in Making a Business Card

4 Mistakes in Making a Business Card

Business cards are given to prospective clients or partners in order to establish an opportunity to connect. Being professional is key.

There are many printing companies that can help you out in designing and printing. Before contacting your printer, it is better to have some basic knowledge as your business card will be your marketing tools. Here are the mistakes that you should not commit when it comes to making this important branding tool.

Absence of Important Information

Before you submit your design to any printing service, make sure it has all the necessary information and that it has no typographical errors. It should include the following basic information.

•    Brand name
•    Address
•    Contact information (phone number, e-mail address, fax number)
•    Logo
•    Description

Too many images and texts

Remember that the card says a lot about you. If it looks cluttered, your contact may think the same about your business. Simplicity is important in business card design printing. Too much information will make it look like a mini brochure,  which will not be appealing.

Wrong font

Avoid fonts that are too fancy or decorative. Also make sure that the font size is neither too big nor too small. People, especially the older ones, may find it hard to read your information if the font is too small or too fancy. Fonts that are too big may also be overpowering therefore destroying the aesthetic appeal of your business card.

Absence of business description

The main purpose of the card is to tell people what you do. Failing to include a description defeats its purpose. Business card designer can help you think of the right strategy to use in incorporating your services or your products to your business card.

Your card will help you generate leads. Wherever it goes, it carries the image of your brand. Make sure that you reap the benefits by avoiding these printing mistakes. Contact a reliable company that do custom business cards online.

Meanwhile, this coming holiday season, send your clients some personalised Christmas cards. It’s a way of expressing that you value them and at the same time, an advertisement.

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