2 Best Diving Resorts in the Philippines

There are a lot of Diving Resorts in the Philippines. The country is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia. Consisting of 7,641 islands, the republic’s seas boast of diverse marine life and coral reefs. A popular tourist destination, they owe 7.1% of their GDP to tourism alone. If you’re interested in seeing their underwater seascapes, here are a few places you should visit.

Sangat Island Dive Resort

Sangat Island Dive Resort is one of the best diving resorts in the Philippines. The facility has been opened since 1994 and has been a tourist destination ever since. They specialize in low impact housing, restaurants and facilities. This means they do their best not to harm the environment by keeping most of their operations eco-friendly. In fact, they’re fully independent when it comes to energy! The establishment is equipped with high-powered solar panels and generators.

Sangat Island is found in Coron, Palawan, near the coast of Busuanga. If you plan to go diving there, you can expect a lot of marine life and coral reefs. However, the big attraction in the area is still the Japanese shipwrecks. They were left there when they ceased occupation in World War II, during the battle of Coron Bay. Call today to see a piece of history up close! Eight of these shipwrecks are located 5 minutes away from their beachfront facility.

Atmosphere Resort and Spa

Atmosphere Resort and Spa are located in Maayong Tubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental. They’re the best option for people who want a luxurious experience. Their establishment boasts of a kid’s club, spacious rooms and top-notch cuisine. With a poolside bakery and organic restaurant, they’re the place to go if you want to get pampered.

The resort offers scuba dives at Apo Island. Unlike other areas, you can dive all year ‘round in this location, as it offers full visibility regardless of the season. It’s home to diverse marine life such as humphead wrasses, turtles and large pelagic fish. You’ll be able to see both hard and soft corals. They even offer classes six times a year, taught by PADI course directors.